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2017 Annual Meeting May 27, 2017


Happy Spring ! With the season underway, it's once again time for our Annual Meeting. As in years past, the annual meeting will be held Memorial Day weekend which is May 27th at 9 AM at the Pavilion. We will have 3 board openings on our board this year. We have 2 vacant positions with 1 other position to be appointed which will happen after our Annual board meeting. We will have a guest speaker at our annual meeting to discuss Chapter 47F so that all of our questions may be answered. Our agenda for the meeting is a rough draft -  If there is anything that you would like to get added to this agenda, please do not hesitate to email LGEPOABOD@GMAIL.COM


May 27, 2017 LGEPOA Agenda

  1. Welcome to Lake Gaston Estates annual meeting. - Keith Reeve
  2. New homeowner introductions and welcome to those joining for the meeting, new and old.

Meeting called to order by President of LGEPOA Keith Reeve

  • Approval of agenda -  Keith Reeve
  • Current Board member introduction - Keith Reeve
  • Secretary Report - Brian Laible. 2016 Meating minutes.
  • Treasurers Report – Barbara Wray.
  • Parks Report - Kathy Purcell.
  • Roads Report - Keith Long.
  • VP Report -  Bobby Harrell.
  • Social Committee updates.
  • Latest project -  Updates on maintenance within the community.
  • Updates on Fresh Water Pearl. Condos to be built on the point. 
  • Security questions and recommendations. Stuff in place. 
  • Chapter 47F Update.
  • Ballot delivery and open intro.
  • Open Forum.
  • Ballot collection and count.
  • Trash Day.
  • Introduction to Roger Knight for further discussion on Chapter 47F

Dinner this evening at the Pavilion @ 6pm provided by the LGEPOA.  Volunteers are needed, please contact a board member if you are willing to help.

 Meeting Review -  And adjournment.




Times of events will be posted on the website, the social committee face book page, or emailed to you.

Questions?  Contact the social committee, we could use your assistance.


March 25, 2017 Chili/Chicken Wing Cook Off – bring your favorite chile or chicken wings and join in the fun of challenging your neighbors for the best home cooked food in the community.


April 22, 2017 Meat and Greet – Bring your favorite meat to cook on the grill and a dish to pass.  There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for kids and a silent auction for the adults.  Bring your items to be auctioned off about an hour before the event.


May 27, 2017 Social Committee will conduct activities at the annual Board sponsored evening event.


June 24, 2017 Corn Hole Tournament – keep an eye on the team sign-up sheet that will be posted at the Pavilion.


July 22, 2017 Happy Hour at the Beach Area at Recreation Park-Bring your favorite appetizer to share and your beverage to drink. Be ready to play corn hole, horseshoes, kickball, etc.!  


August 12, 2017 Barbie/Spiderman/etc.  Fishing tournament.  Must have Barbie/Spiderman/batman/kid approved fishing pole and tackle box to participate.  Details will follow.  Inner tube races, etc., ice cream social to follow.


September 23, 2017 Walk and Pancake Breakfast


October 21, 2017 Halloween Party/Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt/Kid games/ Hayride


November 11, 2017 Friendsgiving and Honoring Veterans


December 9, 2017 Tentative date for Xmas gathering




Come Join the Competition and the Fun

Make your favorite pot of chili or cook up your best couple dozen (or more if you like) chicken wings and bring them to the Pavilion for the judges to taste and to share with your friends!

When:  March 25, 2017

Time:  5:00 p.m.

Where:  Recreation Park-Pavilion


  • Please email if you plan to cook chili, chicken wings or both.   

  • Please email for a head count of just tasters/eaters.  A donation of $3.00 for just the tasters/eaters will be accepted.

  • NO email, NO worries.  Drop the slip at the bottom in the drop-box at the pavilion or contact Jim Funk at 252-257-3492.

  • We Just Want to Be Sure We Have Plenty of Food For Everyone!

The Social Committee will provide additional food items to create Chicago Chili or Southwestern Chile.  

Hope to See Everyone There!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cook:  _________Pot of Chili  

          _________Couple Dozen or more Chicken Wings

    ________ #of Taster/Eater with $3.00 ea Donation



Missing Post Office Box number

It has been brought to our attention that the statements we sent out did not have the post office box number printed on them.  Please accept our apologies for this oversight.  The post office box is 126, Macon, NC 27551

Thank you


2017 Newsletter and link

Keith Reeve

Presidents Report – Happy New Year Once again!


Neighbors – Happy New Year! I hope you all have been able to enjoy a little bit of this winter with the recent snows here at Lake Gaston Estates. While I got to watch it from afar, I know, thanks to Facebook, texts, and video chats, it was beautiful. This past year at LGE turned out to be another great year. With the wonderful social events all summer, great weather, and so far, not that harsh of a winter, I for one am still ready for spring to come early. While we as a board had a year of rebuilding and planning in the background, we have slowly been concentrating on tying up loose ends and working for the future of our association, our neighborhood, and our home values. Three things we are looking to cover with this message include Communication, “Chapter 47F The planned community act”, and hopefully more participation throughout our community.  To view a copy of Chapter 47F copy and paste this link into your browser.

A copy will also be placed into the doccuments section of our website.

As a quick reminder, the BOD earlier last year set up an email address that is monitored by the and would like for the residents to contact us there for comments, needs, and updates having to do with social and other events. That email addtess is While we have a website and monthly meetings, communication through email not only makes it easier to pass along, but allows us to keep track of messages.  For those of you that do not know, there are two collective public meetings held each year. These meetings are held Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Both are held at 9 AM at the pavilion. Having these meetings on a holiday weekend makes for a larger turnout and allows us to have a community dinner later that evening. While we hold those meetings open, there isn’t a BOD meeting that is not open to the residents of the community. While we try to keep the meetings to the first Saturday of the month, sometimes due to our personal schedules, that is not able to happen in person and we have them via conference call. When that occurs, we will post to the website and invite anybody that is interested in the BOD discussion to join us. Monthly meetings during the warmer months are held at the pavilion while the colder months get rotated through the BOD members’ homes. With a quick introduction -  Our current board members will be listed below with their term expiration dates next to each. For this next year, we will have two open seats coming up for election. If you would like to put your name in the hat, please be sure to send it in with your dues payment and we will add you to the ballot. 


As we look to 2017 I would like to take this time to repeat several messages from last year. In our annual meeting last year, the general consensus from the members of our association covered two major topics. The first was to have a more transparent BOD and secondly the desire to move forward with a major change in our Covenants. With that being said, the first part has and is already in the works. The second is the changing of our covenants by moving toward a guideline that is more in sync with today’s times. Our original document dates back to the late 1960’s and it is defiantly time for it to be revised. Chapter 47F was written to support Property and Home Owners Associations throughout North Carolina. While we would love to be able to just write a new set of Covenants and Guidelines, having everyone come to the same consensus is tough. By allowing our community to be governed by Chapter 47 F, it gives the community a broader brush to be able to paint the communities rules and regs by what we as a community want and not a harsh set of stricter guidelines would entail. I ask that each of you sit down and read about Chapter 47F and what it entails. If you have questions, please let us know. But moving forward, this is a vote that must be accepted by the community with at least a 75% margin. Just some of the things that Chapter 47F covers include – bylaws, how to handle contracts within the community, procedures for fines and administrative functions, meeting requirements of the BOD and how they are held, rules for proxy votes, insurance requirements, how to handle excess funding, reserve studies that allow us to keep funding in place to maintain our properties and amenities, the correct way in which to collect dues, but more importantly, it brings our guidelines back into the hands of the community vs rules that were set up sixty years ago that are out-dated. This vote will be collected via proxy, counted and submitted at our annual meeting to be held this coming May 27th.

In an effort to keep this as brief as possible, we welcome your comments and encourage you to partake in our community. Whether through volunteering for an event, participating on the BOD, or just showing up for our annual events, we welcome you. Last but not least, while I might be the one at the helm of this ship, I couldn’t do this job without the great people that serve on the BOD with me. With that, I would like to thank, Barbara Wray, Bobby Harrell, Brian Laible, Kathy Purcell, and Keith Long for all their efforts and support over the last year.


Thank you,

Keith Reeve

LGEBOD President

Term ending May 2018


Barbara Wray Treasurer – Term ending May 2019

Bobby Harrell Vice President -  Term ending May 2019.

Brian Laible –Secretary - Term ending May 2017

Kathy Purcell - Parks and Recreation – Term ending May 2018

Keith Long – Roads – Term ending May 2017.