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2018 Annual Meeting May 26, 2018

Normally it would be April showers bring May flowers, but I believe Mother Nature may be a little mixed up. Some of us think that the warm season is finally underway, but I'm holding out… If the rain would quit, I might just get onboard. With this email, it's once again time for our Annual Meeting. As in years past, the annual meeting will be held the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, 9AM on May 26th at the Pavilion. This year, there are two board openings which will be voted on during the meeting. Our current agenda for the meeting is a rough draft -  If there is anything that you would like to get added to this agenda, please do not hesitate to email LGEPOABOD@GMAIL.COM


May 26, 2018 LGEPOA Agenda

Meeting to be called to order by President of LGEPOA Keith Reeve with quick intro.


*  Approval of Agenda -- Keith Reeve

*  Current Board member introduction  -- Keith Reeve

*  Secretary report -- Laurie Thompson

*  Treasurers report -- Barbara Wray

*  Parks report -- Nick Sapiente

*  Roads report -- Mark Trimmer

*  VP report -- Bobby Harrell

* Presidents report -- Keith Reeve

* Budget review -- Keith Reeve

*  Assignment of two people from the membership to tally ballots.

* Ballot delivery and open intro by running members

*  Update of our bylaws by Tony Capps

*  Ballot collection and count

*  Open forum

*  Board Seat Announcement

 * Announcements -


  • Dinner that same evening at the Pavilion will be at 6pm. Dinner will be provided by LGEPOABOD.  The main course is Smoked Pork Butts with standard sides. You are welcome to bring a side dish and your drink of choice. Volunteers are welcome and needed, please reach out to us if you are willing to help. Dinner will be complimented by a DJ during the dinner hour and then for your listening and dancing pleasure after the cleanup until 11PM. Please Email to if you would be willing to help. Or... Simply show up at 5pm to help set up. 
  • Lakeside services- Once again, A morning lakeside service will be offered on Sunday mornings starting from Memorial day Sunday to Labor day Sunday. The services will be held at 9AM at the Pavilion. All are welcome to attend. Bobby Harrell and his wife Debbie will be providing the services. 



* Meeting Review -  And adjournment.



Boat Ramp Lock Has Been Changed

On April 28th, we changed the boat ramp lock and distributed new keys to those members that came to the meeting. 

If you did not get your key  please go to the pavilion and get the Membership Form that is in the manilla envelope and fill it out.  The Membership form is also available for download under LGEPOA Documents.

You can call one of the following board members to make an appointment to get a new key:

Nick 860-373-8442

Laurie 804-837-7127

Bobby 252-903-0941

Your dues must be current and you will need to turn in your old key. 

Please be respectful and do not call before 9am or after 8pm. 

Thank you!


New Key Distribution for Boat Ramp Lock - April 28th

We will be changing the lock on the boat ramp.  New keys will be available beginning at 9:30 on Saturday April 28th at the Pavillion.  

To get a new key you will need to do the following:

Be current on your HOA dues

Turn in your old key

Fill out a short contact form

Keys will also be available at the Memorial Day meeting for those that still need them. 

As a reminder, there will be signs posted throughout the neighborhood in the next few days regarding the new keys.

Several board members that live in the neighborhood will be available to give out keys in the future.  More info on that to come. 


May 5th Cleanup Day

Mark Trimmer will be heading up a clean-up day for our neighborhood on May 5th.  Please meet at the pavillion at 9 a.m.  Trash bags will be provided.  Thank you!


February Board Meeting

The board meeting for February will be held on Saturday, February 3rd at Barbara Wray's house at 9:00 A.M.  The address is 162 Thoroughfare.